Better Together

 In Change Management

In today’s world, divisiveness is amplified to rock concert levels.  However, divisiveness is not a new phenomenon.  Consider the tensions we have seen between operations and sales, or research and development and manufacturing.  If this is not new, what have we learned?  Think of cross-functional collaboration, use of high-performing-teams, or the concept of synergy.

Here are a few process steps to get started:

  • Establish common goals and interdependence
  • Set norms, build relationships, and then actually interact
  • Use both/and thinking, be open-minded to unique ideas, and merge for innovation


What’s missing, why is this so hard for many of us?

  • Goals and compensation/rewards are at cross purposes
  • Organizational structure is not in place; poor facilitation
  • Rigid hierarchy, binary thinking, or poor organizational skills

With sincere intent and skilled support this should not be a painful process.  If so, you might want to consider an old axiom: Change Management: somedays it is a noun and somedays it is a verb, go with the noun first and move to the verb if you have to.  Creativity and high-performing-teams is a growth-filled and productive process – if you are reaching the verb stage of the axiom, give us a call.


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