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“You build your mind, so make it into something you want to live with.”                         Marilynne Robinson

It is that time of year again, back to school – metaphorically.  Yes, back to school; but also personal development and self-reliance; direction for my business; and cultural choices anew.  And, this is unfolding within the geometry of the environment we live in.  The pace is faster; the direction is conflicting; the market is highly disruptive; and personal support is uncertain.  Choices. Uneven choices of education; career decisions; sociocultural evolution; and character.

Maryanne Wolf, researcher and author of a recent book Reader, Come Home shares a personal story that captures the essence of Marilynne Robinson’s quote and – Choices.  “There is a very simple, very beautiful Native American story I have always remembered.  In this story a grandfather is telling his young grandson about life.  He tells the little boy that in every person there are two wolves, who live in one’s breast and who are always at war with each other.  The first wolf is very aggressive and full of violence and hate toward the world.  The second wolf is peaceful and full of light and love.  The little boy anxiously asks his grandfather which wolf wins.  The grandfather replies, ‘The one you feed’.”


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