Connections Matter

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The environment around us changes rapidly.  Intellectually we know this, yet often the understanding stops short of personal impact.  Over the past few weeks we have experienced change at an unprecedented pace that leaves many of us bewildered, anxious, and even fatigued.  The coronavirus outbreak has provided an unwanted opportunity to experience the difference between intellectually understanding change and feeling the impact at organizational and personal levels.

The impacts of this new environment vary widely.  As we begin to take preventative measures, one of the recommendations is to limit our human interaction.  This precaution means that we are faced with an important question: How do we keep our connections to each other and the broader world we live in?

Do we:

  • Overcome our fear and anxiety and show more compassion to others when we interact?
  • Listen to hear and not to respond?
  • Take advantage of the technology available to reconnect with those whom we have lost touch?
  • Tolerate inconveniences for the betterment of everyone (See an example here)


Offered below are a few organizational and personal actions to help navigate this difficult and disorienting time.


  • Communication – Is not what we do but who we are. It is an insatiable need that is now desperately searching for trusted, competent leadership to provide: clarity, guidance, support, and reassurance.
  • Working Virtual – Working virtual is not new.  Organizations have been doing this for thirty plus years.  If it is new to you, reach out for support.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate trust in your workforce and strengthen your leadership credibility.
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery – Check when you last updated your BC/DR plan. If that little voice in your head is saying, ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ it is time for action.



  • Communication – If you are not receiving the communication you need to make quality decisions then pursue multiple sources both domestically and internationally.
  • Working Virtual –This is an opportunity to work differently and be productive while managing your social distancing.
  • Personal Readiness Plan – Check when you last updated your Personal Readiness Plan. If you are saying, ‘what is that’ it is time to begin a plan.


Making small changes to the way we choose to connect with those around us may be just what we need to thrive.  Interested in continuing the conversation?  Connect with us.  We want to hear your perspective.


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