Echo Chamber

 In Change Management

In today’s world, communication can feel like being enveloped in an echo chamber of sound and fury.  This sea of information races at us via a host of media channels, driven by algorithms, and is further amplified by self-reinforcing feedback loops.  The overwhelming volume, speed, and non-stop pace has the power to numb the mind and deaden the senses.  How do I sort out fact from fiction? And, not miss the value buried in the petabytes of storage at our finger tips.

Here are a few suggestions to sort through the clutter, economize your time, and realize the benefits of the internet:

  • Identify a few trusted sources
  • Reach out to multiple sources of information to triangulate quality
  • Consider the age old adage – if it sounds too good to be true it probably is


These key lessons can be translated to your business by:

  • Setting aside 2% of budget for outside consultation/staff augmentation
  • ‘Listening’ to your annual internal employee survey
  • Demonstrating responsiveness through visible action

Don’t be daunted by the petabytes of storage, people still add the most value to your important project communication needs.  Give us a call, we will try to quickly sort through the clutter, economize your time, and take your project to the next level.


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