Emotional Overload

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Emotional what, really?  Basically, emotional overload is the volume of intense emotions overwhelming our ability to manage.  This isn’t a “going soft” topic.  An example is the recent (2018) annual report on anxiety in America.  The results revealed that 51% of survey respondents experienced anxiety.  That is the highest levels of anxiety in the ten year study.  Categories that impacted anxiety were: health, safety, finances, relationships, and politics – the largest issue was paying bills.

Typically, emotional impact has been highest at the personal level and then lessened at the organizational and macro levels.  Today people are experiencing a larger impact at the organizational and national levels.  Watch, listen, or read the daily news and you can feel the shift.  Why should I care, what is the impact, and what can I do?

Consider the effects on your business results:

  • Basic functioning of daily tasks [personal, home, and business]
  • Stress on relationships [family, friends, and colleagues]
  • Literally, tuning out people and information to provide ‘space’ to cope
  • Impact: less ability to think clearly, be productive, and make quality decisions

What actions can I take to make a difference?

  • Dig into your most recent annual employee survey
  • Skillfully manage the disruption of major change
  • Review results for absence and retention
  • Check on programs that are in place for building resilience

It’s important to adapt, and we can help.  We provide the skill and the knowledge to create an environment for production, not just disruption.


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