In Change Management

Spooky action at a distance.”                                                                                                        Albert Einstein

“Spooky action at a distance” was Albert Einstein’s colorful dismissal of quantum entanglement – the ability of separated objects to share a condition or state. No, this blog is not about physics.  However, entanglement may be an interesting way to think about a couple of dimensions of our daily interaction: personal and group, and from a distance.  Let’s consider:

Personal/Group:  The entanglement of who we are personally, which includes our physical energy,                                cognitive capability, and emotional capacity; and how that impacts our group                                      interaction.  First, on a personal level, how often do we consider the                                                      multi-dimensional nature of who we are and how we function? Second, how                                        often do we dismiss someone’s comments: as being too emotional, their                                              decision-making as too slow, or they are just not up to the task?  One could                                          wonder, what are we missing by not taking the time to reflect on and                                                    understand life at a deeper level?

Distance:              Now that you bring up the topic, how independent are we from the influence of                                 events happening at a distance?  For example, listening to communication or                                       seeing images from one location, and then watching it unfold in near real-time at                               another.  And, let’s consider this same scenario in the amped up world of social                                 media.  How does “going viral” influence our thoughts and emotions; and the                                       resulting outcome?

A parting thought, am I as different as I think I am; or am I affected by spooky action at a distance.  As always, your comments are most welcome.


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