Giant Leap

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The 2020 strategic planning session has just wrapped up and the CEO says to the executive team, “Let’s raise a glass and celebrate some really strong work.  Now that the ‘hard part’ is done all we have to do is drive these 28 initiatives through the organization.”

Over coffee the next morning the CEO seems a little less sure if planning is the ‘hard part’. He feels confident with the strategic plan and budget; but wonders if he has the talent and skills to deliver in today’s turbulent times?  How do you know if the implementation team’s capability is dated in the past, lodged in the present, or open to the future?

Let’s consider a few straight forward questions to assess the era that you are taking a giant leap into:

Past:                Is communication and training the extent of your implementation approach?                                      Do you have the skilled resources in place to deliver beyond the basics?

Present:          Is your approach still locked into the tools and techniques from the 20th century?                              Are you in an echo chamber of the same approaches and conferences that you                                  have used for the last twenty years?

Future:           Are you reaching out to new ‘voices’ and different perspectives to keep abreast of                               today’s rapidly evolving research in the arts and sciences?  Does your organization                             have the curiosity and mindset to be open to new approaches?

Questions for leading change in the 21st century.  What era are you in?

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