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Influence, is and always has been an important and challenging endeavor.  What is it?  What are a few key elements for success?  Who does it?  How hard is it?  Let’s start by framing the role:


A person or thing that is able to have an effect on other people or events                                  (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)

Key Elements:   
  • Understand the person’s state of mind (are they in a state of mind to be able to “hear” the message)
  • Identify a need
  • Provide a solution
  • Elicit an emotion
  • Tap into the power of story telling


Personal Attributes:         
  • Impact (intent neutral – good or bad)
  • Recognition (celebrity, sports star, awards); Accomplishments (Nobel Peace Prize, cultural change)


With that as a framework; let’s set the bar for how hard it is: Are we talking day-to-day decisions or transformational change?

Degree of Difficulty:
  • Are you a social media influencer selling sunglasses? Or,
  • Are you an advocate for cultural change on heart wrenching topics in the, seemingly, daily news


Both roles are important, realize the degree of difficulty and the skill and patience required.  We can definitely help with the cultural transformation challenges, give us a call.


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