An Interdisciplinary Collaboration Approach
for Transformational Change

An Interdisciplinary Collaboration Approach for Transformational Change

It is abundantly clear that we are engulfed in an era of uncertainty that presents challenges in the strata of the ‘unknown unknowns.’ This environment is fraught with opportunity as well as danger. It challenges us to look forward as well as to the past, and to determine a course of collaboration or isolation. Much of this has been seen before, and we have the daunting challenge to write an enduring ending.

In 2018 we will present a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary collaboration approaches for leading transformational change. These collaborative approaches will include: the integration of business disciplines to accelerate transformational initiatives, sharing guest blogs to provide insights and leading-edge techniques, and presenting collaboration occurring across seemingly non-related fields which brings fresh perspectives for managing change.

As 2018 unfolds, we will present a point-of-view each quarter on these key issues.

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1st Quarter:
Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Gain insight into the effective integration of multiple business disciplines, explore synergy in interdisciplinary collaboration of non-related fields, and glean key lessons from real-world application.

Lead-time for Preparation

2nd Quarter:
Lead-time for Preparation

Accelerated transformation does not just happen. It takes astute leadership to understand the change challenges, select the right resources, develop the talent, and gain the experience in advance of taking on career-defining initiatives.

Change Expertise and Experience

3rd Quarter:
Expertise and Experience

Have you done it or have you just been around it? In today’s world, the risk/reward equation of putting your organization or career on the line with developing talent may not be the most prudent choice.

How Good Are We at Managing Change?

4th Quarter:
How Good Are We, How Do We Know?

Realistically, what skill level are we at? Is that a subjective or an objective assessment? Do we have the proven players to deliver on our most pressing issues? Real questions need real answers.

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