Reimagining Change Management
(change for the 21st century)

“There are no small problems. Problems that appear small are large problems that are not understood.”
Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Reimagining Change Management

A World of Change, Not of Permanence

As most of us are well aware, we live in a world of change. This observation is not new, Heraclitus (c.540 – c. 480 B.C.E.) noted, “Nothing endures but change.” And, the modern day version of this reality was brought into sharp focus in 1970 with Alvin Toffler’s book – Future Shock. Fast forward to today and you might term the environment as Hyper Shock.

To meet the early challenges of this demanding environment there was significant research conducted, methodologies developed, and academic programs offered for leading change and managing personal resilience. We would suggest that using today’s research in the arts and sciences can provide insights to reimagine the discipline of change management for the 21st century. As is clearly articulated in much of today’s research, this is not an academic discussion, it is about survival.

As 2019 unfolds, we will present a point-of-view each quarter to:

  • Explore insightful perspectives from the frontiers of research as it relates to managing change
  • Test our ability to remain open and permeable to new ideas and possibilities as we consider deeper questions for business and individuals
  • Present integration and practical application for leading change as we leverage the historical library of the past to imagine and shape the future
Reimagining Change Management

1st Quarter:
A World of Change, Not of Permanence

This paper will examine a wide range of disciplines that are producing incredible research that is readily applicable to reimagine and enhance today’s discipline of change management.

It is About Time

2nd Quarter:
It is About Time

The elusive concept of Time is receiving considerable attention in multiple fields. And, it has interesting implications for both business strategy and individuals. This paper presents findings in a straightforward manner to illustrate practical change-related application.

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3rd Quarter:
It is About Business, Deeper Questions

The focus of this paper will be to explore deeper questions of today’s research and gain insights into the meaning and applicability for strategic consideration and decision-making.

It is Personal

4th Quarter:
It is Personal, Deeper Questions

With the rapidly expanding shift to Freelance employment and the massive demographic shift to retirement age, this paper will highlight the impact and offer practical tools and techniques to manage the change.

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