Select Readings

Leading Change

By: John P. Kotter

Organization Change

By: W. Warner Burke

The Age of Insight

By: Eric Kandel

A Fortunate Universe

By: Geraint F. Lewis & Luke A. Barnes

The Third Chimpanzee

By: Jared Diamond

The Lives of a Cell

By: Lewis Thomas

The End of Stress
As We Know It

By: Bruce McEwen with Elizabeth Norton Lasley

Corporate Culture and Performance

By: John P. Kotter & James L. Heskett


By: Matthew D. Lieberman

Metaphors We Live By

By: George Lakoff & Mark Johnson

Corporate Communication

By: Paul A. Argenti

The Order of Time

By: Carlo Rovelli


By: Alfred Lansing

Future Shock

By: Alvin Toffler

The Nature Fix

By: Florence Williams

Diffusion of Innovations

By: Everett M. Rogers


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