Mental Conditioning

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Summer and your beach body are gone.  Although, this might be a good analogy for being mentally fit as well.  We are all familiar with the foundation principle of neuroscience, use it or lose it.  Let’s see what you would be doing at the ‘gym’ for mental exercise.

Start with a look in the ‘mirror’ and critically assess where there might be a few ‘extra pounds, a bulge here, or a sag over there’.  Now that the painful part is over, let’s build a plan for conditioning.  And, remember, it does not happen overnight.  Start with:

Focused Attention      Begin by moving from 3 seconds per webpage and 3 minute reading to                                                 more dedicated concentration without the obsessive                                                                                 distractions of our devices and ‘trending’.

Benefit                           Information becomes knowledge for deeper analysis, and improved                                                      decision-making.

Stress                             You do not have to look in the ‘mirror’, you can feel it; in the neck and in                                              the attitude.  Many industrial businesses start each meeting with a safety                                              minute.  Today, many businesses start meetings with a mindful minute.                                                How can you start your own mental conditioning plan?

Benefit                           Feeling stronger with noticeable improvements in health, attitude, and                                                  productivity.

Our intent is a reminder of what we probably already know, yet often do not do.  Grab a good book and a latte; and, enjoy the personal benefits and business rewards of the ‘workout’.


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