Our Reading Brain in a Digital Age

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When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or read an actual book?  For many of us, that answer is weeks, months, or even years ago.  Did you notice your transition to social media news feeds and digital e-readers? And, in a world where we have access to more information than ever before, is it important?  Noticing this transition is important because it may have some very significant unintended consequences.

The article Skim reading is the new normal written by Maryanne Wolf, Director of the Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners, and Social Justice in the Graduate School of Education and Information at UCLA, looks at today’s ways of reading [skimming versus deep reading], how the brain processes the information offered by these different styles, and the need for a ‘bi-literate’ approach to reading. Without a ‘bi-literate’ approach to reading we may lose our ability to think critically, appreciate different perspectives, show empathy, and turn information into knowledge and wisdom.  The loss of these important skills will have a dramatic impact on the future.

Interested in reading a little deeper? Click here https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/aug/25/skim-reading-new-normal-maryanne-wolf  to access the article referenced above.


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