Play the Hand That’s Dealt to You

 In Change Leadership, Change Management

The wise old adage, “play the hand that’s dealt to you” seems particularly apt in today’s world of COVID-19.  Using this as a metaphor during these radically uncertain times quickly raises a series of questions.  What ‘hand’ do I have, what does it mean, and, maybe more importantly, how do I know?  As we all have learned by now, these are not easy questions, but they are also not impossible to answer.

Let’s start with a few macro questions:

  • Will the pandemic end and will we all go back to normal?
  • Will the pandemic morph into a disease that becomes more prevalent regionally and we occasionally live with rolling lockdowns?
  • How long will it take for all of this to play out?


Maybe more meaningful, let’s delve a bit deeper on a personal level?

  • How well am I managing the changes caused by the pandemic, or are they managing me?
  • Do I have the personal flexibility to change my behavior?
  • Do I know what and how to be resilient?

To help you gain an in-depth understanding of how these unprecedented times are affecting you personally, 6th Level Consulting Group offers a Situational Change Assessment.  This assessment is rooted in first principles and looks through the lenses of research-based change concepts, tools, and techniques.  Check out our briefing for additional context and content.  If interested, email ( or call (505.570.4612) to discuss how this unique assessment can help you understand, plan for, and thrive in the turbulent times ahead.


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