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Can You Imagine It?

A Brief History

Imagine a world where the house you grew up in was the house you grew old in.  A world where your neighbors were your friends and co-workers.  A place where personal relationships were built through personal interaction.  And change, it evolved at a much slower pace.  For centuries, people lived in this ‘imaginary’ world.  As the world evolved, people built more sophisticated ways to improve their lives.  And, with each new solution came a constant companion – change.

The rapid innovations throughout the 20th century further increased the pace and complexity of change.  These dynamics took change from an infrequent part of life, and turned it into the norm.  Daily life began to take on a new shape.  People had access to volumes of information never seen before, opportunities for expanded travel, and exposure to new cultures. Along with the numerous benefits, came an environment of increased disruption and uncertainty.  The impending impact of this evolution was envisioned by Alvin Toffler in his 1970 seminal book Future Shock.  In response, a Change Management discipline was developed to provide a structured approach for managing the explosive change challenges about to unfold.


Today, we have reached another momentous turning point.  A quick scan of news headlines confirms a turbulent environment that often surpasses our ability to absorb, let alone navigate the changes.  This new era is moving so rapidly it borders on being overwhelming, and significant shifts in cultural norms seem to leave us without roots.  To meet the challenges of this new era, we have an opportunity to reimagine the legacy change management of the 20th century.  This innovative approach draws upon incredible research at the intersections of numerous, interdisciplinary fields of study.  What if, we developed an approach that reimagined how we experience and manage change?

Can you picture it?

  • Imagine a world where the complex becomes simpler.
  • Imagine not repeating yourself with each new change.
  • Imagine being self-directed, driven by your creativity and desire.
  • Imagine a way to take on change and still have energy at the end of the day.
  • Imagine a partner that can help make this a reality.


At 6th Level Consulting, we are turning imagination into reality.


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