Risk and Readiness

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“In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future.  The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer

Personal Readiness Planning is a topic many people may not have considered before the COVID-19 pandemic.  This unprecedented situation has taught us that mind-bending change can happen at supersonic speed. Were you ready?

If you were, please give us a call we would like to hear about your foresight.  If not, we would like to introduce you to three tools to prepare for what is next.  We have ideas, but not certainty on the perils of tomorrow.  These tools provide a framework to assess your capabilities, lay down your past, and prepare for the unknown unknowns ahead.  The intent is to gain a sense of control and courage for independent action.

Personal Narrative              The Personal Narrative is a decision-making tool that captures and                                                         presents information for a longitudinal analysis, not just a snapshot                                                       diagnosis.

[Key Benefits]                         Deep understanding for improved decision-making.

Personal Profile                     Opportunity to pause, reflect, and understand yourself at new                                                                and deeper levels.  In part, this becomes an internal blueprint of                                                            ourselves.

[Key Benefits]                          Clarity on personal characteristics and strengths; and a                                                                           development plan for moving forward.

Personal Readiness Plan       A Personal Readiness Plan as preparation for potential life altering                                                         scenarios.  The key lesson from many places around the world is                                                             start planning now.

[Key Benefits]                           If an extreme event occurs, having immediate access to a readiness                                                         plan is priceless.

This unwelcome and traumatic intrusion into our lives has clearly exposed numerous weak spots.  We encourage you to be proactive and productive during this time of forced hibernation to reflect and prepare for reentry into a very different world.   Give us a call or drop us an email at info@6thlevelconsulting.com to discuss how we can help turn your developing boredom into insight and risk mitigation.


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