Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives and continuous improvement projects are key building blocks for an organization’s success. 6th Level Consulting Group has the multi-disciplinary skills and deep experience to guide your organization through the twists and turns that accompany your most critical business needs.



Innovation is the lifeblood of your business. We have the experience and expertise to keep that lifeblood flowing by developing and improving key processes, building knowledge management, and incorporating enabling technology.



Technology is an essential and often disruptive factor in business. Successfully realizing technology’s benefits is not singular to implementing new functionality. The new functionality is supported by people and fine-tuned processes. Combining functionality, people, and process is not easy, yet it is a proven pathway to fully realizing business case benefits.


Process Improvement

Continuous process improvement is a proven technique to drive efficiency and effectiveness. It delivers efficient processes, clear procedures, and controls to monitor and track performance. Process improvement does not happen in isolation, it happens with skilled project resources, business involvement, and with the rigor and discipline of leadership to operate differently.

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