Time to Ponder

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Today, most of us live at digital speed. This is often an activity that begins with the number three.  3 seconds per web-page, 3 minute reads, 30 character tweets, and an ‘overwhelming’ 300 word blog.  With this real-world pace in mind, where is the time to ponder.

Ponder: Where do I find the time?  Why should I take the time?  What is the benefit?

Where do I find the time?                                                                                                                          Take it.  Ultimately, time is the only thing you own, spend it at your choice.  The process begins with giving yourself permission to plan for the time to ponder.  If your work environment is planned to the second, you will need to be assertive with your boss and yourself.

Why should I take the time?                                                                                                                      This ‘freedom’ allows you undirected time for deep, critical thinking, complex analysis, and quality decision-making.  This experience shouldn’t be a luxury.

What is the benefit?                                                                                                                                            For you: a refreshed mind and attitude, a healthier you, increased productivity; and, maybe, a personal decision that is long overdue.  For business: energized employees, innovation, and retention.

You are in charge of you, give yourself permission to ponder.  We would love to hear about it.

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  • Peggy Thompson

    Pondering is how I solve problems, clear my mind and feel recharged. I loved the line “time is the only thing you own”. Thank you for the reminders. Peggy

    • 6th Level Consulting Group

      You’re welcome, and thanks for sharing why you ponder.

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