Yearning for Normal

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COVID-19 and its ramifications have many of us nostalgic for the days when we did not have to wear a mask, panic that we forgot one, do endless planning for safe socializing, or having a family gathering end in confrontation.  The longing for life before COVID is strong, yet, a grudging realization is settling in that it is a long ways off or may never return. So, what’s evolving and how do we know what’s needed to skillfully manage the evolution?

What’s Evolving

  • Painfully tragic loss of loved ones, jobs, income, and lifestyle
  • Feelings of loss, sadness, and associated grief for what once was
  • Feeling guilty about being able to avoid the virus, work virtual, and not worry if my family will have enough to eat today
  • Or, feeling guilty about not wanting to go back, preferring virtual work over a daily commute, and enjoying an alternative lifestyle


Know What, Know How

  • Take stock of the situation, gain deeper awareness of what’s unfolding, and assess if you have the change-related knowledge and skills to navigate these trying times
  • Build upon the insight of reflection; develop a plan to transition from being stuck in a cycle of despair and reach acceptance of a new normal
  • Develop and replenish a reservoir of resilience where hope squashes fear, behavior flexibility eases transition, and you have the courage to act

While these may seem foundational, our recent experience makes a pretty strong case for the need to rekindle relationships, and build upon proven pathways for navigating change.  We are very interested in hearing your thoughts.


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